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About MAX Celebrations

I am a graduate of Elmira College with a B.S. in Business.  After I graduated, I became a pro-active intern at an esteemed wedding planning company in Boston where I was quickly put to the test to perform many high-pressured projects behind-the-scenes for a year.  After time I was requested to be out in the field to assist the owner through an entire season's worth of events in New England and there I made it abundantly apparent that my inner "rock-star" oozed event coordination all over.  After 8 years of love from clients and the owner I decided to jump into the marvelous world of weddings and events on my own - in 2019 MAX Celebrations was born. 


The Love Details

I am a “people-person", and will share my calm, dedicated and cheerful personality with you and your guests, while leading your group, managing vendors, confirming a happy host, keeping her eyes on the clock and saving the day with any spontaneous news to be faced with.  My professionalism, along with my sleeve's-up mentality has made me feel like a hero at some of the best of events I’ve had the honor to work on. 

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